“Where the air of Rio sings!”

The Journey

With such a diverse population, Brazil offers a limitless array of cultural experiences!
At I Heart Travel and Tours, our unique tour itineraries are intentionally curated to celebrate the diversity of Brazilian culture, with a specific focus on the Afro-Brazilian influence.

Our travelers are exposed to delicious Bahian cuisines; the musical rhythms of Samba and the soothing sounds of Bossa Nova; and the traditional martial art mixture of dance, acrobatics, and music known as Capoeira – all originating from the people of both Bahia and Carioca descent.

At I Heart Travel and Tours, we are able to curate authentic, immersive, unforgettable experiences because we have our finger on the pulse of Brazilian life. Our I Heart Packages and customized itineraries are filled with authentic local activities that the average tourist would know nothing about, nor be exposed to, or even have the confidence to attend.

Join us as we explore both Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia in all of their splendor!

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