Special Interest Tours

The Live Music Tour

I Heart Travel and Tours Goes… On Tour!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go “on the road” like a rock star? Gigging from place to place as a musical artist, entertainer, singer, musician, performer, or band? What an exciting rush to imagine touring across Europe, South America, Africa, or Asia, city to city, country to country, playing to packed out venues filled with music lovers; thrilling audiences with heartfelt, showstopping musical or theatrical performances.

In this exciting, all new special interest tour, I Heart Travel and Tours goes… On Tour!


5 Shows

6 Cities

7 Nights

In this creative, unique special interest tour package, our “on tour” participants will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with our musical performing artists before and after they rock the stage, performing in the spotlight to small, intimate, international audiences!

Alternatively, those “on tour” participants who prefer to simply be “part of the entourage”, can enjoy each show comfortably from their reserved seat in the audience, far from the spotlight.

The Music, Food, and Language Tour!

The SOUL of any country is identified by its MUSIC, FOOD, and LANGUAGE. These three elements are inextricably intertwined and define any cultural immersive experience.

Every international traveler should learn at least a few basic words and phrases of the local language. In doing so, the traveler will have an entirely different, and richer, experience.

I Heart Travel and Tours offers a unique special-interest tour package entitled:

The Music, Food, and Language Tour!

This special-interest itinerary is specifically intended for those who value creativity!

“Music, Food, Language” takes an in-depth look at each of these three elements as the collective common thread that ties together the soul of a nation. The musical rhythms, harmonies, and melodies that are specific to a particular country are often mirrored in the culinary expressions of the same. From symbolic street foods to locally produced wines, food is at the center of any community of people. The Chef and the Composer are one and the same, each creating masterpieces from their respective proverbial blank canvas.

At the root of “Music, Food, and Language” lies a propensity to create.

Learn a bit of the language, and the language will take you to the music and the food!